Monday, December 8, 2014

Hour of Code

Today is the kick-off day for the second annual Hour of Code celebration going on all week. 4th graders watched a short video from the home page and then tried a coding activity from the site. Sadly, not all kids were able to get connected today, I think millions of people around the world were trying to connect. But, kids worked together on activities that were responding and were encouraged to try it again on their own from home, or at the public library.

Lots of collaborating when coding

This might be the Frozen activity
This student wrote lots of code to make the cat move and perform

Too many screen were not working
One of the art activities

Day TWO: Things worked much better in the lab today. Students also went to Scratch , Lightbot and Tynker which are also links on, but some kids had better luck just going directly to the other coding websites.

Day THREE: Coding went evern better today in the computer lab. The day started with an update from Microsoft, so I scrambled to shut down all the systems and get them back up and running so that by the time students got to the lab almost all of the systems were ready to begin. Every station and student was able to connect and have success today, although some were still a little slow to respond. I continue to encourage students to try from home or the public library and choose Chrome or Firefox for your browser. Those might work better for this activity.

Here is the introduction video we watched today to prepare students to try out the new "Frozen" coding activity. 

Check out this video from Flocabulary
The video reviews “top 10 reasons to code” while providing an introduction to computer programming. In the video, students will learn about the different types of work computer programmers do and some of the perks of a career in coding. This video features a celebrity hip hop artist, a basketball player and two tech moguls.
After you view the video, take a look at the other tabs for Challenge Questions, Interactive Lyrics and Fill in the Blanks to help you remember what you learn in the video about coding.


There are so many wonderful promotions going on this week. This video from is from President Obama making the case for students to try coding.

Day FOUR: 

KIndergarten Paint

While the older kids are coding this week, the Kindergarten students are discovering Paint. There are more pictures to post, but here is a good one to start.