Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kids Sites : Your Guide to the Best Kid Sites on the Web

While researching websites for an Online Safety lesson this week, I came across this gem of a resource for links to lots of other sites called Kids Sites. Here's what they say on their About page:
"Before a site can be listed on, it goes through an extensive review process. Attributes we look for in the sites that we list include quality content, good presentation values, and most importantly, subject matter that is safe and suitable for children to view.
In addition, it's important that the content on the sites we review be free for visitors to access and use. does not include sites in its listings whose sole purpose is to sell products or services."
Here is what the main page link with lots of Categories looks like:

While the Online Games category has a few of my favorites, most of the recommended sites are new to me. Check them out and see if you find a new favorite.
There are even some links to Fun Online Coloring pages.

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