Monday, June 2, 2014

Last week of School

It is hard to believe, but here we are on Monday of the last week of school. I remember during the long winter thinking that June was a long way off!

Books are getting returned to the library, inventory is underway and the computer lab now has occasional air-conditioning, hooray!

Reminders for students this week for things to do over the summer:
  • Visit the Spooner Home Page.   Click STUDENTS > SES > FAVORITES and LINKS.
  • Go to SES Media Center if you want the link to this blog.
At the BLOG try a Search for "Keyboarding" to see a post from last spring with links to great sites to practice keyboarding. Or, click here for results of the KEYBOARDING search.  You will see that and screen shots about the Prescriptive Keyboarding curriculum show up first, then look further down the page for two posts with the websites for practice. Remember to keep your hands 'anchored' to the home row!

  • Also, make time this summer to visit the Spooner Public Library and sign up for the Summer Reading Program. It begins next Monday.

Enjoy this last week together!