Monday, April 14, 2014

Family Math Day 2014

If you are coming to Family Math Day at the elementary on Thursday, April 17, 2014, and you come to visit me in the computer lab, here is part of the handout we will have available.

Family Math Day 2014 in the Spooner Elementary computer lab:
To find SASD recommended math websites from any device that has access to the Internet, just go to the Spooner Area School District home page, find the Student tab, click SES students and then the picture link that says “Elementary Favorites and Links”.

Most of our systems need headphones to be able to hear the audio. Here are a few of the programs & web-links we like to use for math.  Kindergartners have been practicing an “in house” program:   Trudy’s Time and Place House. Look at the top of the START menu.  Just open the program on top of whatever is already open.
Additional websites that all students may want to explore:
  1. · : Mrs. Rubesch has these first three linked on her blog page.
  2. · : The activities with money show currency from around the world.
  3. · : There are ads around the edges, but click on the black squares for the activities.
· : Lots of choices on a nice clean page, there is also an “ad free” version available.  Mrs. Smith has this one linked on her blog page.

· : Math Games on have integrated Common Core State Standards. They also have a nice list of apps for iPad, iPod and Android.

· : Great for kindergarten and 1st graders.

·  : 152 activities for kids of all ages.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

High 5

In looking at some new math websites, I noticed that there is a company providing a Kid Safe certificate. Take a look.

Math is the new site for tonight if students get finished with their PowerPoint presentations.

We started last week with a simple PowerPoint project. Each student created at least three pages all about them. Then they chose clip art or photographs for each page, picked a colorful background, and learned to animate the images.

Creating presentations takes a lot of patience, so we may still be working on these next week too. But, we are also thinking about the upcoming Family Math Day, so math is on my mind.