Monday, November 11, 2013

Brain Pop for High 5 Afterschool Activity

Let's have some Brain Pop fun at High 5 tonight.

Click on the link below and choose an activity. Which one do you like the best?

Games from Brain Pop

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Readers are Leaders!

This week we started a new policy in our Elementary Library. After the success of Family PEP night and the 'bonus book' offer we made to students that allowed them to check out an extra book from anywhere  in the library, we have decided to lift the cap on the number of books that may be checked out by a student.

Students are asked to choose as many books as they can be responsible for. They are also reminded that they may return a book any day of the week, and check out a new book during the morning when there is extra staff available at the circulation desk.

Here are some of the other reminders:
  • Be considerate: just ONE title from a subject area, or a popular series (deer, football, Gregor, 39 Clues, etc.
  • Make good choices. Think about 'Just Right Books' for you.
  • Use good manners in the library.
  • Give your name to the person at the check-out desk.
  • Turn your books 'barcode side up' for easy check out.
  • Those with an overdue book may choose one additional book.
It has been a fun week watching all of the students expand their reading choices. Looking forward to next week!