Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Class for ....ME!

This week I am taking a fun class all about iPads with Naomi Harm. I've had two of Naomi's classes before, and each time I learn a lot. Today was no different.

Searching through Naomi's blog tonight I came across a post from 2010 entitled Word Cloud Makers are Here. 

Apparently Wordle was going through some growing pains back in 2010. Wordle is a great choice these days, but check out some alternatives too.

Tag Galaxy is especially fun. It uses images to go with the words you enter.

I looked at all of the links and the only one that doesn't work now is Twitter Sheep. Some sites want to sell you something, like a tee-shirt with your words on it. Find one that works for you.

Word clouds are fun to create, save and use in so many way. Check it out!

Thanks, Naomi!

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