Monday, June 3, 2013

Winning Entry = New book for our school library

Here is what I found today when I opened up my email.
Dear Miss Diann,
Congratulations! You won a copy of Ahmet Zappa's book "Because I'm Your Dad" from my blog.
Erik A.K.A. This KidReviews Books 

Erik bills himself as Erik the Great in his email, which might sound like bragging, but after reading his blog for several months now, I have to agree with him - he is GREAT!  This is one clever 11 year old boy who just loves to read, and to share his thoughts about what he is reading through a blog ever since he was 9 years old. Click the links above to read more about Erik and find out what he is reading right now. It will surprise and delight you!

I have know a number of very good readers through my work leading literature circles and helping with the gifted programs the school district has had over the years. What Erik is doing on his blog is exactly the kind of effort that I know would appeal to those same students. Kids who love to read and seem to consume books, just naturally want to share and talk about what they are reading. I wish my own children would have had this opportunity when they were in elementary and middle school.

So, thanks to Erik, a brand new book that celebrates fathers is on its way to Spooner Elementary straight from the publisher. Too bad this is our last week of school and students will have to wait until they come back in the Fall to enjoy it!

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