Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Choice in the Computer Lab -- Paint Creations & Graphing

One of the fun programs included with all PC's is called Paint. Kindergarten students have been working with it a lot, but this week even the first graders got to spend some time with Paint during Free Choice day.

This drawing of the Twin Towers was printed out to keep

Then, some students chose to use Word or PowerPoint to create thank you notes.

Thanks for the sweet thank you note! I love the purple background you choose!

We DO have fun in the computer lab!

Great shape for a House!

I enjoy my job and working with the students.

She created a one-page PowerPoint slide with all the information she wanted.

Finally, some students went to Mega Math where White Water Graphing was the activity of choice.  I will miss the first graders!
Mega Math: White Water Graphing buddies! Cool charts, girls!

More graphing in Mega Math

White Water Graphing

1st grade Mega Math: White Water Graphing provides a great intro to tally marks and graphing results.

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