Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Math Day 2013

If you are coming to Family Math Day tomorrow and want to visit the computer lab here is the handout listing the programs that we will use.

Handout for Computer Lab

Here are some of the links for websites from the handout:
·         www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/  Skill building based on the Common Core Standards for math.

·         Math Fact CafĂ©:  a great site to practice multiplication flash cards online. No sound, just good math practice

·         www.Multiplication.com :  lots of interactive ways to practice the times tables.

·         www.hoodamath.com : Math Games on HoodaMath.com have integrated Common Core State Standards. They also have a nice list of apps for iPad, iPod and Android.

·         http://www.brainpopjr.com/math/ : Measurement games for Meters, Cups, Grams, Ounces, Perimeter and Temperature can all be done without sound.   See the helpers for USERNAME and PASSWORD.

·         http://www.fuelthebrain.com/Interactives/app.php?ID=40  This site has a piggy bank activity with money problems to complete up to $5.00. Choose easy, medium or hard problems. Must be able to read the problems.

The back side of the handout has a few recommended Math Apps for mobile devices.  Here is the link for that list of Math Apps.

The computer lab is always a popular stop on Family Math Day!

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