Thursday, February 21, 2013

Washington's Birthday

George Washington's Mount Vernon is a wonderful site to visit to learn more about the man who was our first president of the United States. One of the links at the site has the following for celebrating President Washington's upcoming birthday.

Celebrate George Washington's 281st Birthday!

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Popes Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia. The first known celebration of his birth was held in 1781 in Newport, Rhode Island when the Comte de Rochambeau ordered the celebration for the French forces who aided the Americans during the Revolution.
Massachusetts was the first state to officially celebrate Washington’s birthday as a holiday, in 1856. Since 1879 the date has been a legal work holiday for Federal employees in the District of Columbia, and in 1885 it became a legal work holiday for all Federal employees.
Today, Washington’s Birthday is celebrated on the third Monday of February. While some states celebrate this day as "President's Day" we still celebrate it as "Washington’s Birthday" here at Mount Vernon.
You can view a timeline, take a virtual tour, read his biography, visit the online museum, find out so much more that you never knew about our first president at Mount

Students can visit George Washington's World for  This link has several 3-D activities, but wants you download a special program for working in the 3-D world. I didn't try it from school, but you might want to try it from your home.

One other amazing site is the  George Washington wired blog with photo and video postings about all kinds of things happening at Mount Vernon now; and encyclopedia entries from George and Martha Washington's past. You can get a daily dose of Washington, or browse through the many categories to view previous posts about George Washington and colonial life.

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