Thursday, February 7, 2013

The School Mouse

Some people really like mice. I, myself, am not much of a fan. English author Dick King-Smith likes mice. In 1995 he wrote a short chapter book for elementary students called The School Mouse.

Flora is an extraordinary mouse, from the time she is just a few weeks old, her curiosity causes her to ask loads of questions. "Why" is her favorite word. As she watches from her hiding place in the kindergarten classroom, gradually Flora gains an understanding and thirst for what the children are learning.

It's a very cute story, and even though they are still not my favorite animals, I did find myself rooting for Flora and her family by the end of the book. If you like fiction books about mice, try A Mouse called Wolf, also by Dick King-Smith.

Dick King-Smith has written a lot of great books featuring animals. Have you heard of one called Babe about a pig?  Find this and others by this author in the FIC (fiction) section of our library.

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