Friday, February 1, 2013


Searchasaurus is a wonderful resource for students.  But, it can only be accessed from school.

From the main page you can can see buttons across the top for:  Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Pictures or Visual Search.

You can also do a subject search by clicking on one of the dinosaurs!

I found this great old photo of Thomas Edison using the link for Pictures. One nice feature is that you get the source information right along with the photo which makes it easy to fill out a bibliography when doing a report.

"circa 1901: Portrait of American inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) resting his arm on one of his inventions, in his lab in West Orange, New Jersey. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)" -- Image Date: 1/1/1901         accessed 2-1-2013

I recommend that you bookmark this helpful research website!

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