Friday, December 21, 2012

Keep Library Books Safe over Vacation

We have been reminding students all week that they will be on vacation for eleven days and some won't have a libary class again until January 8th. That's a long time to have a library book checked out.

The best place to keep your school library book is right in your backpack. Take it out to read and enjoy during vacation, but when you are done with it, pop it right back in that backpack. That way when school does start again, you will be ready to come back and return your library book.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giving Tree

Our Giving Tree in the Lobby has filled up quickly!

All of these items will be delivered to the Food Pantry on Friday.


Make a Snowflake

My 9:30 third grade class just showed me a very cool website called Make a Flake.

One of my students has made lots of snowflakes including this very cool one by clicking the pair of scissors and snipping off parts of a triangle just like with a piece of paper.

Once you think you are done, click on Preview Flake to see what it looks like. Then you can cut some more, or choose SAVE My Flake. You are asked for your name (which means you agree to this website terms of service), and then click SUBMIT.  The site will generate a unique snowflake number for viewing in the gallery.

By: Annika
By: Me!

Try it!

Christmas Concert Programs

All decorated and ready for the concerts today
Today is Concert Day! 

See the links below for concert programs.

First and Second Grade Program Cover

Kindergarten Songs 9:30 program

First Grade Songs 11:00 Concert

Second Grade Songs 12:30 Concert

Look for programs by the door
Third and Fourth grade students designed their own covers and added a personal message to their programs. Some students may have brought that program home to share and bring back today, but most will be in the classroom with the students. There will be additional programs at the door.

Third Grade Songs 2:00 program

Fourth Grade Songs 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

After School Class for Me!

Today I was able to take a class called Blogging: Part II given by our school district technology staff over at the high school.

I learned several new things about this adventure called Blogging. You will see a different look to my blog. I decided to eliminate the fancy background and just go with a plain color for the winter. We'll see when spring comes if I change my mind again.

Also, at the top of the blog there are now PAGES, or links to other places that I think are important. So, now there is a 'page' to my SES Technology site which isn't really part of this blog, but with this link at the top it appears to be. This is a great discovery, as I want to have students visit the blog more often and find content of use to them. I am hopeful that this will be a useful way to do that.