Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy Tech Prescriptive Keyboarding at Learning.com

Students have the opportunity to work on Keyboarding lessons at our subscription site Learning.com even when they are not able to advance in the regular lessons. Keep reading to find out more details.

When you first start the Prescriptive Keyboarding Lesson, Miko, an animated host, comes on the screen to show you around. Take her INTRO to find out more about the program and practice the basics of keyboarding using Touch Typing.

Choose the Computer Basics balloon (shown below) and be reminded about what a keyboard looks like. It has six kinds of rows: letters, numbers, punctuation,  the space bar, control and function keys.
Click PLAY on this screen or move the balloons with the white arrows for practice with one of the rows.
When a student completes this lesson they can print a Certificate of Completion that gives a score of 17/17 for a perfect lesson.

The other four balloons are for each of the rows on a keyboard: Home Row, Lower Row, Upper Row and Number Row.
Here is a screenshot from Computer Basics for practice with the CAPS LOCK key..

After the INTRO, click on the PRACTICES button to hear Miko tell you about the other choices and show your keyboarding statistics including accuracy, average time and number of exercises completed. Students are prompted to take an initial assessment and then will have suggested skills to work on. My choices based on my skill assessment are Basic A, Basic 8 and Basic 9.

This is the Practice Page with student STATISTICS and suggested lessons for practice.

Library Button: To go back to the balloons for an overview of keyboarding in general, click on the Lessons button.

This is the Basic A lesson. As you type it keeps track of your keystrokes.

Here is the result. You can try again, or click DONE to go back to the lessons.

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