Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mad Science at the Public Library

"Mad Science" was the name of the program at the Spooner Memorial Public Library today. When I arrived the room was full of kids and adults. What fun it was to see some of my students there to learn about science presented by a very entertaining scientist from the Science Museum of Minnesota, whose name I did not catch!

Did you know that there is an invisible elephant that sits on the top of your head? That's a force called gravity and it's pretty powerful. According to our guest gravity is what holds the moon close to the earth and what keeps the earth in orbit around the sun.

His topic today was air and what an amazing substance it is. We saw a smoke tornado that was used it to blow out the light of two tapered candles from across the room. A hair dryer became an anti-gravity machine to suspend a ping-pong ball in the air. That was pretty cool! Then he brought out an even bigger blower, used it to blow air and ping-pong balls at the audience, then attached it to his "hover-craft". A girl in the front row was invited to sit in the center and when the power was turned on, she glided across the floor powered by air.

By taking all the air out from under a giant rubber circle with a handle on it, he was able to lift a wooden library chair high off the ground.

Everyone who attended was invited to pick up two handouts, one with an experiment and Mad Science word find; the other a notice to go to the Mad Science Facebook page to enter in a drawing for a free remote controlled robot. One robot given away for every 100 entries.

Thanks Spooner Memorial Library for another great summer program!

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