Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lost in Cyber-Space?

Have you ever gotten "lost" while looking up something on the computer? That's what happens to me, especially in the summer!

Today I was looking at some of the other links on our school district website like this Websites to Check Out link: -- just reminding myself what was there, and got immersed in the lesson plans at Education World.
I downloaded a number of PDF files related to Dolch sight words -- Samson's Classroom,  and then noticed the Internet Scavenger Hunts.  I didn't find one that really interested me, but I DID find this link to image editing sites.

The graphic at the right was created with Image Chef using their Word Mosaic. I've created other "word clouds" like this using Wordle and Tagxedo.  They're fun to use with lots of choices for lettering styles and colors. My High 5 afterschool club students enjoyed using these tools also.

This Word Mosaic is a bit different from the other two, as it gives the choice to use a font which mixes styles and sizes of text. Normally, if you want to see a word stand out, you type it into the text box several times. In this Mosaic, it looks like I typed FUN in more often than Reading or Technology, but I only typed each word once and then selected the "mix" font option. Nice result and lots less typing for students. I like it!

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