Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Vacation -- iPad Adventures

My trip to Western Minnesota for an overdue visit with my family was great fun. I took my iPad along and shared it with my 11 year old niece; she enjoyed an app called JoiningHands. This seemingly simple app features various characters with hands that have to be matched. Peablins have 1, 2 or 3 hands which can spin around to match other Peablins. Brufflins have two inflexible  hands at "10 and 2", Poeglins don't get along well with others, so they require space around them. Take all these characters and imagine a game board that looks like a bee's honeycomb with rocks in some of the cells to form a wall barrier, pretty pink hearts for "safe" cells and golden stars to collect when landed on. Now arrange these characters so they all hold hands. Well, except the Poeglins, who have to stay a space away from all others. It's a strategy game that is fun for all ages. The current price is $2.99 at the app store.

My 80 year old mother, on the other hand, most enjoyed an app called Whirly Word  from Mighty, Mighty Good Games. Like many word games, this one presents a game board with 3 to 6 dots to fill complete to make a word. They are arranged alphabetically within their numbers, in other words, all the 3 letter words will be alphabetical, then the 4 letter words and so on. The pot of words is arranged in a nice big golden circle with an enter button in the center. You can Whirl the letters to see different combinations. Mom regularly plays a game called Text Twist every night on her laptop so she enjoys a good word game. Thanks for the recommendation mom, this one is free!

Tomorrow I start my summer school class, Technology Adventures and Google Apps at Facilitating the Future being held at our high school. Should be fun!

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